Rules of the Constitution of the Athletic Association of the Small States of Europe Denominated hereafter the Association

Rule 1 – Authority

The Association accepts fully the rules and regulations of the IAAF.


Rule 2 – Aims

To promote athletics:

I) By striving for an extended cooperation between the Member-Federations especially concerning:

a. Exchange of coaches, participation in coaching- and training sessions and training camps amongst the Member-Federations.

b. Extended participation of athletes from the Member-Federations in international meeting meetings in the Association’s countries.

c. Mutual support for candidates and proposals from the Member-Federations, at the IAAF and EAA congresses.

II) By studying proposals designed to improve the constitution rules and regulations of the IAAF and EAA.

III) By studying the proposals designed to improve the rules and regulations of the Games of the Small States of Europe especially in the athletic events.

IV) By synchronising calendar of events.

V) By organizing, on dates fixed by the committee, competitions between athletes of the Member-Federations of the Association or, if considered necessary, other federations of a suitable standard.

VI) By organizing, in accordance with rules specified by the Committee on each occasion, matches between a combined Association-Team, composed of athletes from the Member-Federation, and other combined teams composed of athletes from different federations or a national team from another federation.


Rule 3

The Association forbids any discussion on subjects foreign to its aims and any involvement in question of politics, race or religion.


Rule 4 – Headquarters

The administration headquarters of the Association is with the Honorary President-Treasurer on any given time.


Rule 5 – Membership

The Association comprises European Small States Federation, with a population under one million, who are directly affiliated to the IAAF and which are for the time being:

Andorra, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro and San Marino.

Applications of a new membership would be considered by the Association.


Rule 6 – Quorum

Decisions of the Association will be validated on a simple majority vote, when at least more than half + one of the members is present. In case of parity of votes, the President of the Association has a casting vote, except in the case of elections. For constitutional changes and decisions imposing financial burden or consequently obligations, the voting rules are laid down in rule 11.


Rule 7 – Committee of the Association

The Association is governed by a committee, comprised one representative from each of the Member-Federations, each given one vote. Information of the name of the representative is to be given by a letter to the Honorary Secretary, prior to each committee meeting. 

An ordinary committee meeting is to be held each year, normally in occasion of the European Calendar-Congress. For this meeting the report of the Honorary President-Treasurer must include financial report, which is to be audited before the meeting, by two (or three) auditors, elected by the committee, their statement to be presented at the meeting.

Extraordinary committee meetings will be held on the occasion of the “Small States of Europe Games” or whenever convenient. For these meetings the report of the Honorary President-Treasurer will not include the financial report.


Rule 8 – Council

The daily affairs of the association are managed by a Council, elected by the committee for a period of two years on the Occasion of each EAA Ordinary Congress. 

The Council is composed is composed by:

- One Honorary President-Treasurer.
- Two Honorary Vice-Presidents.
- One Honorary Secretary.


Rule 9 – Elections

1. Council

The nomination of candidates for the elections as President-Treasurer, Vice-Presidents, and Secretary must be made 15 days before the date of elections. 

2. Auditors

The Committee shall select 2-3 auditors for a period of two years.

3. Selectors

The Committee shall select 2 selectors from the same country for a period of two years.


Rule 10 – Finances

1. Authority

The President-Treasurer and the Secretary each have individual authority concerning the daily finances of the Association 

2. Subscription

The annual subscription of the Member-Federations will be fixed at each year’s ordinary meeting and will be paid at the present meeting.

3. Capital

Any Member-Federation leaving the Association has got no claim whatever on the possible capital of the Association, but is liable for a proportional part of the possible debt.

At the time of the withdrawing of the Association, a possible capital is to be transferred to the EAA


Rule 11 – Duration

This present Constitution is of indefinite duration and may be changed only – or the Association be dissolved - on the majority vote of the Committee’s representatives of the Member-Federations. 

Therefore, any such change – or the dissolving of the Association – require a minimum of half+one votes in favour. Proposals of this nature must come to the hands of the Honorary Secretary not later than three months prior to a committee meeting.


Rule 12 – Languages

The official languages will be English and French. In all cases the differences in the interpretation of any text the English version prevails. 


(Version after the amendments voted by the committee in Budapest, 10 October 1997 and in Moscow 2001)
Reproduced from the AASSE website (, Oct. 12, 2012